Our cattery


Our cat rooms have a cozy interior, tuned to the wishes of various cats. Shelves at various heights, hammocks, baskets, blankets, a house and several hiding places, are part of the default set-up. Usually, our guests do not stay in pens, but in common areas where they can roam free. Because all cats find themselves at unknown grounds, they are not as territorial as they usually are, meaning that they generally adjust very quickly. When – despite all attention and care – a cat is not feeling comfortable, a resident veterinarian provides permanent veterinary supervision. During peak season, the management is unable to guarantee that your cat will be able to roam free in the common areas (with outdoor terrace). You cannot book a specific area. The layout of the areas is reviewed on a daily basis. We also have areas for cats that are on medication, suffering from diabetes or cats that are more comfortable by themselves.


We only give the cats first class food, such as Royal Canin and Almo Nature. In the communal areas, the cats will always find fresh food and in the morning and / or evening, they will be treated to a little extra in the form of canned food.

We can also accommodate bladder stone diets and kidney diets, there are included in the price.

You can provide us with any dietary food other than the above-mentioned or purchase it from us (you can take with you what’s left after your cat’s stay).


Please note: We reserve the right to house dietary cats separately, to prevent them from eating from the general feeders.

Please note: Cats that are on a bladder stones and kidney diet, can roam free – depending on the supply – in a special area in which only this food is available.


In Petport we take care of cats with and without health issues.

If a cat in a pension gives rise thereto, our veterinarian will be consulted. When necessary, we will contact you for consultation about the treatment to be given. Any treatment costs are not included in the pension costs and are to be paid when you pick-up your cat. Please specify the name of your own veterinarian on the booking form, so that we can contact him / her when necessary.


The area in which we will host your cat is determined by us based on a number of criteria.

- Diabetes patients are often housed separately to ensure proper monitoring.

- If a guest requires special attention due to physical conditions, old age, a special diet and / or the use of medicine(s), we must be notified of this in writing, in advance.

We take care of our guests with the utmost devotion.


We are not liable for any injury, illness or death of your cat.


Dibevo-conditions apply



Julius Röntgenlaan 14 - 2264VV - Leidschendam.